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Debt Collection Strategies

Nowadays the debt collection agencies in Kenya are becoming popular. This however does not imply the whole process has been simplified. Without the right strategies at hand, the process of debt recovery will still fail. Debt collection is a technical venture that would need more of expertise, patience and if possible knowledge of the legal systems just in casethe consumers fail to abide to a negotiation that would facilitate the repayment process.

Once you have signed a debt collection agreement with us, we usually avail all the needful information concerning the consumer and just in case the information provided is insufficient, we conduct a thorough private investigations and also make use of the digital platforms to ensure we get in touch with the debtor. We usually give a call and notify the debtor of the impending debtor and where it originates from. Once the debtor confirms of the debt status, we then send a written notice concerning the debt details and from there we come up with a repayment plan. This is not as easy as it seems since some consumers still fail to honor the repayment plan. In this case, we have some debt collection strategies that makes the entire process less stressful.

The collection strategy

Obviously, there are accounts with higher potentials of payments depending on the numerous lists that we have. We therefore conduct a profound analysis as well as monitoring as this will definitely pull all our efforts on them and give a priority towards a quicker debt recovery.


When our clients go into a solvent state. At that point when the arrears are high, with keen eyes on the debtors account we can advise you to go back to make your account active, once we are sure your payment power has improved, so that you collect the unpaid balances.

Easier management system

Through our innovative systems approach, we combine useful approaches such as workflow, data connection, and self-service strategies that can be handled with the business users. Through this framework, even the difficult debtors turn into cherished clients through the reduced costs.

The digital approach

We fully understand the power of internet. One of the most effective ways of enhancing a debt recovery strategy is bycreating an online platform though which the debtors can freely negotiate and pay through online means. This is done through their tablets, laptops or even phones. This approach consumes less time and is convenient.

We have the right tools that fully maximizes the available resources, saves time and is cheaper while in the process of recovering the debts for our clients. We highly esteem new strategies as this is the only way that makes us better. With all the experience in credit management systems, we stand above the rest and fully conduct quick and efficient debt recovery process through our innovative systems and technological approach. Kenya is undoubtedly one of the countries with the highest defaulting debtors but our company has the latest skills and techniques of maximizing the collections.