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About us

We are # 1 Debt collection company in Kenya. We have knowledge, skills and experience of handling and managing debt collection and management practices. Whether you have a consumer or commercial debt here in Kenya and beyond, we are the real solution. Our services are done with high professionalism and have been tailored in a way to cushion our clients from bad debts.

Our team of debt collection specialists are compliant with the legal framework systems that need to be applied just in case the debtors fails to meet the set negotiation repayment plans.Our company will guarantee you nothing less than professionalism while collecting debts. We have the best laid debt collection strategies that always lead to successful repayment from the debtors without compromising their relationship with our clients.

We provide a comprehensive policy that aims to safeguard the interests of our clients, and nothing can replace our able, experienced, knowledgeable and supportive team of specialists who make every step of the debt recovery successful.

Our company is registered and insured in accordance with the governing laws in Kenya. We therefore provide our services with utmost professionalism and ensure the monies owed has been recovered without infringing any rights of the parties involved.

Debts can be recovered, and this can be done in a professional way with the support from our team of professionals. As you sit back to handle the core matters of your business, we shall devotedly ensure that all your needs have been catered for. Irrespective of the age of the debt, or the geographical location of the debtor, our level of experience and profound knowledge in digital systems serves us right all the time. We literally trace the debtor, strike a negotiation repayment plan and restore the state of your business back to normal. Try us today!