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  • We apply innovative legal assistance to get swift results.
  • Swift legal action when necessary and only charge on successful debt collections.
  • Our commission rates offer excellent value for the work we undertake
  • Increase your cash flow by reducing the amount of debts you have.
  • Nationwide debt collection service.
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About Debt Collectors Kenya

We specialize in Debt collecting, tracing, cash collections, legal action until judgement and relevant court orders to ensure payment.
Unfortunately, letters of demand sent by law firms, attorneys and credit departments count for nothing these days and there has been a need to develop drastic measures to collect outstanding debts.

We recognize and understand delaying tactics and know how to overcome them. We are prepared to take the firmest stance possible to get our clients the results they are seeking ensuring you get more time running your business.

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NB: At the moment, we are only dealing with undisputed debt collections that amount to over Ksh 1,000,000

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Ideally, the main job of debt collectors in Kenya is to trace down the individuals who have overdue bills and come up with strategies that would prompt the payment of the same. Since it is done by debt collector specialists, the whole process is tailored into a negotiation plan that ensures the payments are done. In the cases where a deal is not reached, legal action might be taken against the defaulter at hand. On behalf of the company, the debt collectors take the responsibility of monitoring the debtors with the main focus of prompting them to repay what they owe.

The debt collectors therefore act as a link between their clients and creditors with the main aim of enabling an environment for a repayment plan for the overdue accounts. There are specific responsibilities we handle as debt collectors and these include: collecting the payments from the debtors at hand and ensuring the payments have been billed into our clients' accounts. We also identify the overdue accounts and through the use of digital applications and systems we locate and monitor them. We also keep updated and accurate records concerning the financial status of our clients as well as the efforts put in collection.

Our responsibilities are safe as they have been secured within the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which legalizes us to collect debts that are long overdue from the debtors. This can be well done through the Debt collection agencies in Kenya. Our collection can also be done through the incorporation of lawyers who also facilitate for the payment of the debts. The expansion of debt collection companies in Kenya implies the defaulting cases are also height. With the increase of many lending institutions including the popular mobile apps, the borrowing trend has been on the rise, and sadly the borrowers fail to repay in good time. The conditions and requirements for one to get approved for such loans are not stringent as such. There is also lack of enough security cover for the borrower and this explains why the defaulting cases are high.

The debt collecting process is technical and involves a series of procedures that need to be within the law. For such reasons, we possess the skills that would facilitate to the success of the process. Apart from strong verbal and effective communication skills, our debt collector specialists have an engaging and tactful approach in order to minimize any conflicts or any cases of unethical behavior. We have what it takes to work under pressure and we are keen enough to observe the timeliness of our clients for the smooth running of the entire process. Our knowledge and experience on financial matters gives us an upper hand in making clear decisions and appropriate negotiation skills through the analysis, and evaluations we make.

We are good listeners and compliant with our job responsibilities, our professionalism enables us to come up with a plan of action that would enable the payments to be made. We notify clients of the delinquent accounts and this is best done through a phone call or an email for the sake of convenience. Once we have checked on the financial status of the customer we come up with a debt repayment plan that will best fit within the situation at hand. With the rising of debt collectors in Nairobi, how well can you locate the right company that would serve you best? No doubt, technology has simplified everything but again it has complicated the business systems, it therefore takes some hard work, patience and wisdom to get to the ideal debt collection company in Kenya. The vast experience we have gained over the years simply places us top above the rest. We also have a qualified, skilled and experienced specialists who are also compliant with both legal, administration and financial framework. Our customer care support team is a top notch and apart from having effective communication skills, our professionals are friendly, pleasant and proactive. We boast of the best and effective technological platforms and systems which enable us track and locate the customers along with the details on the financial status. The debt collection job is known to be hard enough, and this explains why we stop at nothing to ensure we have the best experts around. Our main focus is to protect our clients from the risks that come with bad debts, we do this in the most professional way and if possible give advice on the best strategies that would reduce such cases.

What's more? Our company has the best of service delivery when it comes to debt collection solutions. Our vast experience in financial matters and a strong backing of strong and effective communication skills enable us to deliver the best services to our clients. We listen, care and support. Our customers are part of our family and we stretch out in all ways we can to ensure the relationship between our clients and debtors has been maintained, and above all, we strike a favorable negotiable repayment plan that will eventually phase out the overdue debts. It's not east, not hard either, what makes the difference is our level of commitment and expertise in our job. Debt collection and management practices can only be well done with our company. Whether it is a commercial or consumer debt here in Kenya, leave the responsibility to us and attend to your business as we embark on what we love most.

We are genuine and once we have signed a debt collection agreement, we go an extra mile of availing all the needful personal details of the debtor from the main service providers such as NHIF, or KPLC just in case there is scanty information about the debtor at hand. We mean what we say and simply deliver to the expectations of our clients. Our rates are also fair and are dependent on the amount of debt, the residence of the debtor as well as the time within which the debt has existed.